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Old Massett Nursery in the winter of 1970?


With the completion of the small book Making Custtad [1] I thought that I would have said all I wanted to say about the work  This thought was, however, soon overtaken when I began to sort all the various papers and documents which had been accumulated over the course of the entire experience. These stretched from my time on the Special Needs Course at Jordanhill College in 1984 until my work at the Yorkhill Trust ended in 2000. After that period I continued to draw on the materials I had acquired for writing and training purposes but I did not add to them in any significant way

Included in all I had collected were photographs, drawings, papers and books. Whilst most of them had been carefully stored they were by no means ordered in a way that would have allowed me, or indeed anyone else who might be interested, to have easy access to them. The decision to do something about how the material was organised was followed by the idea that amongst it, and elsewhere, was information which had contributed to the approach and which had not been made available

The motivation then to do something about the situation was twofold. There was the hope that what I am about to present would prove to be of interest to others and, as Miss Marple might suggest, nothing is sorted until it has been sorted well

And when the sorting began I soon came across the paper about the Lowenfeld Sand Tray 'World' Material by Ruth Pickford [2]. The scanned image above is of the actual paper and I am assuming that I stole it after I had found it. More about how this happened is in the book Balancing the Request to Be Good [3] which, as in Making Custtad, with be referred to from now on as Balancing

The work, as I understand it, began with my experiences in Masset and Old Masset but it was the accidental discovery of this paper which galvanised me into the kind of interest and action that eventually resulted in the development of Custtad. Without that paper I am certain it would never have happened

And because of its origins in the Nursery in Old Massett I am choosing to use a photograph of the school building on the opening page of the site. This is followed by a photograph of the first page of the paper

[1] Making Custtad: a means of helping children take control of their concerns. (Glalell 2014) 

[2] Expression of Thoughts by Means of the Lowenfeld Sand Tray 'World' Material. Transcultural Aspects of Psychiatric

   Art, ed.I Jakab Psychiatry and Art, vol. 4 pp,188-192 (Karger, Basel 1975)

[3] Balancing the Request to be Good p 5

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