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A brief up-date on the progress of CUSTTAD within the clinic was prepared after the first two years. There was also a further up-date after three years but I have been unable to locate this. I am therefore presenting an excerpt from the document entitled TWO YEARS ON and am assuming I would have met with a similar number of children for a similar number of sessions during the last two of my four years employment there

The setting up of the CUSTTAD facility in Knightswood Clinic took place over a five week period beginning on April 1st 1996. The first child to use it did so on May 5th of that year. By the date on which this report is being written, April 10 th 1998, the number of children who have been seen there by Sheila Cameron will be one hundred and fourteen. Of these 81 have been boys and 34 girls. their ages have ranged from four years to twelve. the number of session each child has attended is on average 4.5. This figure has been distorted by one child having had an unrepresentative 25 sessions. The total number of session to have taken place in the facility is approximately 560


The photograph below is of the unboxed notes and drawings from my time in the clinic
The sorting has begun and when this is completed they will be stored in different boxes
Clinic notes and drawings unboxed


One of the four boxes which were required

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