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Another Bundle

The papers and books belong in two main categories. The largest group are those associated with seeking a general understanding of art, play and child psychotherapy. Many of these are listed in the reference section of the book Balancing and the rest (along with an explanation for its existence) are in a list entitled A ROUGH ITINERARY. This can be found on this site on a page of the same name.

But before they can be sorted it will be necessary to discard some of them. This is partly due to the available space but there is also the idea, however improbable, that it might be possible to use everything for some kind of further study; or that someone else might be interested in them. And if this were to happen a reduction in the amount of material could make the task more manageable.

Deciding about the books was made easy when a friend and colleague agreed to give them a home. With the papers, the chosen criteria proved to be a simple one. All and any of those which had passages underlined or highlighted in some way would be retained. Those left over would be thrown out


In the second category are books and papers on trauma and those related, sometimes rather tenuously, to synaptogenesis. The latter group consists of a rather disparate assortment - although this is surely the natural outcome of having made a rather directionless foray into a complex field

It is not my intention at this present time to list the papers which have been kept and it may be I will never refer to them again. So by taking a photograph and calling it Another Bundle I am avoiding doing anything other than putting them in a box and sticking on a label

During a brief look through them however I came across several which for me stood out from the rest. These are a complete photocopy of The Organization of Behaviour by Donald O. Hebb, Psychological Trauma by Bessel A. van der Kolk and Psychotherapy and the Single Synapse by Eric Kandel. And before taking the photograph, both for its importance and for aesthetic reasons, I placed on top of the bundle a document entitled The Man Who Made Up His Mind. This relates to a Horizon program about Gerald Edelman which was produced by the BBC in 1994. Several other papers by him and his book Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On The Matter Of The Mind is also amongst the newly sorted material





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