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The task of including an acknowledgment section in the book proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated and I chose the easy option of leaving it out completely. However there is ample space here to have another go and below is what I hope will be received as a new and improved version


There have been several supporters of the work whose contribution could be described as strategic. Through their interest, their actions and decisions to implement Custtad in their schools or organisations they have provided the support the work needed to remain a viable proposition. Of those not mentioned in the book are Elisabeth Davidson who, as Head Teacher, unreservedly welcomed the approach into Royston Primary School Glasgow; Mairi Macintosh, a Support for Learning Co-ordinator who encouraged Anne Rooney a Specialist Services Manager (both from South Lanarkshire and now in different posts) to visit Royston to have a look at what Custtad was about and Sheila Duncan, a Family Therapist from DCFP Yorkhill, who introduced Andrew Dickson to the approach. Andrew was the Clinical Director of the Department at the time and he subsequently made generous and effective use of Custtad whilst also arranging for its evaluation.  

Once the work had been officially approved for use within South Lanarkshire the main player has been Frances Swinburne, a Senior Manager of Pupil Support.  And in her role of overseeing Custtad's implementation as part of the Special Needs Provision in the Authority she received essential and valuable assistance from Kathleen Colvan of South Lanarkshire’s Integrated Children’s Services.   

All those who have trained have made
their own special contribution to the making of the approach and several have been unflinching and stalwart in their support. In Royston Agnes Galbraith has been responsible for maintaining the training base and in
South Lanarkshire, in from the beginning and back there again, is one of the most experienced Custtad workers, Fiona Smith Larkin

Deserving of special mention are Liz McMenamin, Anne Johnston and Margaret Leitch, South Lanarkshire Behaviour Support Workers, who have not only remained true to the work but have been willing to humph and harry to make sure the Custtad facilities were fully resourced and in good working order and to make certain Custtad was kept on track   


The two books about the work, BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD; an account of a visit to the outskirts of Child Psychotherapy and MAKING CUSTTAD; a means of helping children take control of their concerns are both presently available as printed books. They can be purchased by clicking on the respective covers above.

The books are also now available as ebooks on Kindle. The links to the books are below





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The main CUSTTAD site which, for a while, was unable to be changed without assistance has been moved to a different host and has recently revised 
Most of it remains relevant to the approach as it is presently practised
It can be accessed using the link www.custtad.com Also along the way several other sites have been used to provide information about the work and several of these are available online
As part of this sorting out process those which are now out of date are being either removed or improved 

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