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Several days after confidently deciding the sorting was complete other items which had found a home in unrelated locations made an appearance. These were two boxes of slides, two boxes of negatives, two photocopied excerpts from books, two photocopied papers from journals and four small pieces of paper stapled together
One of the books referred to is Visual Thinking by Rudolph Arnheim
Below is a copy of the text which had been highlighted in the excerpt
It can be clicked on for more information about the boxes and the other documents
From Art andThought
The four small pieces of paper were from a small Spanish notebook and there are letters on both sides We had been asked to find a name for the approach to assist with the write up of the evaluation in the Clinic The pages below illustrate the attempt to find one


Side 2

Side 4

Side 6

Nearly There

Click on the image Nearly There to see a larger version

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