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There have been numerous very enouraging moments along the way To receive the reference below in 1991 was a particular delight It was provided by John Allan and followed on from his reading of the paper EXTERNALISING THE UNPLEASURABLE: FIRST STEPS TOWARDS A SYMBOLIC RECONSTRUCTION This covered many of the ideas which were subsequently written about in the book BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD


JohnAllan reference

John Allan, Ph.D., is now Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology at the University of British
Columbia He was a Senior Training Analyst with the Pacific Northwest Society, a Board Member of the Association for Play therapy and used to lecture frequently at the C.G. Jung Institute in Switzerland


To receive the following letter from FREE ASSOCIATION BOOKS IN 1994 letting me know that BALANCING would be published was another of these encouraging moments

The adviser referred to was described as a young practising child psychotherapist


FAB letter


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